Enabling our clients to secure capital to achieve their strategic business visions.

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Our Focus


Proja supports entrepreneurs and executives in raising capital to execute their business growth strategy and vision. We do this by analyzing and refining business plan materials, performing financial modeling, and conducting outreach to capital investors. Client engagements come from industry sectors including finance, B2B / B2C technology, and real estate. Our ultimate goal is to foster successful outcomes and increased value for our clients.



The Principals have combined experience of over 40 years in finance, investment advisory, and business development with companies including:

The Principal

Joseph Abadi

Joe has over 15 years of investment advisory experience. Over his career, he has participated in or advised on more than 30 transactions exceeding $5 billion. His prior experience includes investment banking at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bear Stearns. After investment banking, Joe joined real estate private equity investment firm Gazit Globe, which owns and manages over $11 billion in commercial real estate. At Gazit he served as vice president of M&A for Latin America and the South East US region. Joe headed Gazit's corporate strategies group to invest in new JVs, and lead the capital raise for a $500 million Latam fund. Subsequently, Joe joined TowerBank as CFO where he oversaw a team of 90 employees, managed M&A activity, asset liability and risk controls, and directed the issuance of preferred equity convert for $100 million, a first in the Panama market. His investment and loan portfolio were in all regions of Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, and the main sectors were corporate loans and agribusiness. Joe oversaw loans in excess of $1.5 billion. After moving back to New York City in 2015, Joe established financial advisory and consulting firm, Proja, where notable projects have included the following: ● Corporate analysis of distressed REITs that were acquired by a NY-based hedge fund (a $12 billion transaction) ● Credit analysis of GM for the approval of a $300 million loan by a large commercial bank (client) ● Series A capital raise of $10 million for a San Francisco-based start-up Joe Abadi earned a B.S. in Finance from the Stern School of Business, New York University, and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Our Services

Financial Modeling


It is said that financial modeling is both art and science. There are numerous tools and methodologies available, ranging in purpose from the valuation of small, pre-revenue startups to well-established and large public enterprises. Furthermore, models vary in the number of assumptions needed to make about a company’s future relative to its past performance in order to get a meaningful value for the company.


On the one hand, public companies are more straightforward to value because there is historical data about them from which to extrapolate and project a valuation based on discounted cash flows into the future. On the other side of the spectrum, startup valuations may be driven either by a “bottom-up” approach, whereby market transaction comparables in the relevant space(s) (referred to as “comps”) are used to determine a value for the firm, or a “top-down” approach in which the valuation is based on a total addressable market (TAM) value for which the revenue and potential profits for the firm are projected and discounted. Therefore, knowing which tools and methodologies are best to use, and under what circumstances (along with the weaknesses that each model affords), is just as important as knowing how to use them in the first place.


To that end, we review your business plan thoroughly, delve into your model, explore and understand your underlying assumptions, and the state of your company and the industry in which you operate. We identify the best valuation model that highlights the opportunity of your strategic vision so that you can make the best case possible when raising capital. Our toolset may include one of the following approaches:

  • Business Valuation
  • Income Approach: Discounted Cash Flows
  • Market Approach: Guideline Public Companies
  • Market Approach: Guideline M&A Transactions
  • Market Approach: Prior Sales of Company Stock


Business Plan Preparation


Oftentimes we also receive requests from clients to assist in business plan preparation, which may involve editing and refining an existing plan or creating a fully new one that includes:

  • Executive Summary: A one-page summary of the business and its goals;
  • Value Proposition: How your services or products solve problems or adds value;
  • Marketing Plan: Marketing strategies as well as overall market conditions, competition, and target markets; will also include pricing, SWOT and TAM analysis;
  • GTM Strategy: How you plan on getting to market and making money;
  • Financials: Budgets and pro forma statements;
  • Valuation: A financial model that values your business;


Capital Fundraising

Ultimately, your goal is to secure the capital that you need to achieve your strategic business vision and objectives. After we have completed our modeling of your business venture, the next step is to identify and approach the best possible investors who will give you the time to adequately pitch your business. To date, the Principals have helped clients raise in excess of $300 million.

We help clients through the entire capital raising process:

  • Business plan
  • Valuation calculation
  • Investor presentation
  • Investor target list compilation and prospecting
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Logistics and coordination (e.g. NDAs, data room, follow-up)
  • Negotiations & term sheets



"Proja was instrumental in the financial analysis and legal due diligence for our international distressed strategy for real estate companies. His efforts included financial analysis of the public and private markets as well as bottom up market research for the target companies. Proja are diligent and fast paced; I highly recommend."
Joshua Zamir
CEO and Co-founder, Capstone Equities
"Proja helped us at Semah, an international fund, to set up our operations in the US by conducting due diligence, financially analyzing prospective deals, and being our point-person in NYC to source deals. We have worked with Joseph at Proja since 2016 and continue to leverage his capabilities for future business."
Claudio Valencia
CEO, Semah Capital
"I had the pleasure to work with Joe at Proja on a year long project. He’s incredibly organized, detail oriented and works diligently to meet deadlines. His strategic approach coupled with a very strong financial background makes him a real value-add for any project or organization.”
David Lopez
CFO, Secured Debt Investments (SDI)
"Joe helped us in our acquisition endeavors by providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the prospect targets. Joe’s insight facilitated and enhanced our reach which proved its worth within weeks. Highly recommend Joe and Proja team."
Tal Kimmel
Co-Founder, Maven Court Partners

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